Post Move Cleaning

Post Move Cleaning Dallas Movers

When you are moving, the last thing on your mind is post move cleaning. You are so busy packing and coordinating Dallas movers that you do not pay attention to all of the trash piling up. The number one tip that we always recommend to our customers is to clean as they prepare for their move.

In the days leading up to your move, you will be busy with packing. While you pack begin making piles of things you will donate, throw away, or recycle. The items that you will throw away can easily be discarded. Trash can be placed on the curb or thrown away in the dumpster. If you are using the dumpster at your apartment complex, make sure you read their guidelines before dumping. Some apartment complexes will have rules against dumping large pieces of furniture or an excessive number of bags.

Donations will require a little more planning on your part. However, there are many free charities in Dallas that will pick-up your donations for free. Depending on the charity you schedule there are different pick-up dates. Some charities will only make rounds once a month while others pick-up donations weekly. The sooner you compile your donations the earlier you can schedule a pick-up and rid yourself of this clutter.

The last step of your post move cleaning is to get rid of any recyclable items. If you are lucky enough to have recycle services then it might be as easy as taking out the trash. If your are not this lucky, then you will need to drop your recyclables off at somewhere. Old technology can usually be taken to big chains stores like Best Buy. Clothes, books, and toys can be taken to drop-off containers usually found in shopping center parking lots around the city.

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