Scheduling A Move

If you are trying to find movers at the last minute, then you can easily find yourself in a tight spot as the day starts to come to a close. Most Dallas movers open early in the morning at about 7 or 8 am, and they close in the afternoon at around 5 or 6 pm. Even though some movers may answer a little bit after closing hours, you are pretty much out of luck after the office hours. Below are a couple of tips on how to secure movers on a short notice.
1. Know what you want.
The mistake that many people make when looking around for Dallas movers is not knowing exactly what they want. When you talk to different Dallas moving companies, they will ask you if you want things like packing, unpacking, disassembly, or reassembly. While some of these services come included as part of the hourly rate, others will only be done for an extra charge. You want to know exactly what you want the movers to do and what you will do by yourself. Once you hang up with a specific Dallas moving company without scheduling a move, anybody else has the chance of scheduling a move on your preferred time and date.
2. Have various dates open.
Another thing that can drag out the scheduling process includes picking out a move date and time. You will not know what time a certain Dallas moving company has available until you contact them and ask for availability. For this reason, it is important to have several days available for moving. Do not rely on only being able to move during the weekend since this will greatly narrow down the number of Dallas movers you can use. Because most people want to move during the weekend since they work during the week, you need to make sure that you can take a day off from work during the week. If you have to put in a request for a day off, then this might take too long and someone else might schedule for your chosen date and time.
3. Don’t try to bargain.
The moving rates that Dallas moving services providers give you are fixed prices. There are many times when people will try to bargain the price in hopes of getting something cheaper. The truth is, however, that these professional Dallas movers have set prices put in place by those higher up in charge and the rules must be followed. Usually, when people try to bargain the price, this means a red flag for the sales representatives and they may refuse to schedule your move.

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