Weather Affects Moving

Weather conditions in the state of Texas will shift from one extreme to the next within a matter of days. For this reason, many people decide to hire professional Dallas moving companies since they do not want to deal with either intense heat or numbing cold. Below are a couple of tips that Monarca Movers recommends when it comes to moving in a state with crazy weather patterns.

1. Go for climate control.
Texas is a very humid state. When Dallas movers head out to the field, they know to check the percent humidity for the day instead of the average temperature. If you will have the Dallas moving services providers take your stuff to storage, then you will want to make sure you get climate control. Climate control is going to be a bit more expensive, but it is definitely worth it since all of your furniture will survive the storage time. When you use a regular locker to store your items, the humidity tends to soak into your wooden pieces of furniture until they rot. Moreover, the heat and humidity can be devastating for things such as leather or any electronics.

2. Blanket and shrink wrap.
Besides protecting your furniture from any scratches, Dallas movers will also use blankets to protect your furniture from light rain or intense sun rays. When you are calling Dallas moving companies, you will want to ask if they provide these moving supplies. While most Dallas movers do provide blankets and shrink-wrap, some will charge extra for these supplies. In this case, you want to use these moving supplies on your furniture since they are of great help. Therefore, if there is an extra charge, it is recommended that you either pay it or find a Dallas moving company that already includes it as part of their hourly rate.

3. Moving truck.
When you hire Dallas movers, it is important that you ask what time of moving truck they will be bringing. For some Dallas moving companies, their moving trucks are just going to be flat beds. If these Dallas movers were to move all of your stuff on the flat bed while it was raining or snowing, then all of your furniture would be completely ruined. It is always a good sign when the Dallas moving company of your choice is bringing a box truck. Box trucks are the professional moving trucks that you see at places like U-Haul. With one of these trucks, you can rest assured that all of your furniture will be safe and secure.

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