Trusting Your Movers

When you choose a Dallas moving company, you need to make sure that it is a business you can trust. For this reason, it is important to take some time and do some research on the various Dallas movers available to you. Below are some of the things that Monarca Movers recommends you look into when evaluating Dallas movers.
1. Online Reviews.
The internet can be an open book when it comes to learning about companies. A professional Dallas moving company will take the time to make sure that their presence online is a good one. When you see a Dallas moving that takes the time to respond to reviews and address any complaints, you know that you are in good hands. The fact that the Dallas moving services providers take the time to do this means that they care about their customers and will take care of you on the day of your move. Besides an attentive Dallas mover, however, you also want a moving company that has a good reputation. The top score on Google reviews and most other review websites will be 5 stars. If you are able to find a Dallas moving company with 5 stars, then you have hit the jack pot. The only problem that you might have at this point will be trying to get a moving date since these Dallas movers will be highly solicited.
2. Word of Mouth.
Although not very common nowadays, word of mouth can also be a very good way to find great Dallas moving services providers. If you have friends or family that have moved before, make sure to ask them how their moving experience was and what Dallas movers they used. You may find that some of the movers that your close ones used could be some of the same ones you find online. The advantage of this will be that you will have a truly honest review on the moving company from someone you actually know.
3. Visit Their Website.
The last thing that might give you an idea about the professionalism of your Dallas moving company will probably be their website. A dedicated business that has been working in the field for various years will have a user friendly and professional looking website for their customers. Besides the Dallas mover’s website, you can also look at other important pages such as their Google+, Facebook, or Twitter profiles. A good moving company will always try to interact with their customers; therefore, they tend to be active on these sites.

The Day Before Your Move

As your moving date gets closer, you will be so busy with everything that things will start to slip by you. For this reason, it is always a good idea to set up reminders on your phone or depend on lists to get you through the day. The following points are of great importance and greatly stressed by Monarca Movers.
1. Confirm your move.
Most Dallas movers will call you a day before to confirm your move. This confirmation is mostly for your benefit. It is important that you confirm your move over the phone since the Dallas movers will remind you of the time in which they will arrive. Moreover, they will double check the pick-up and drop-off addresses in case they were not written down correctly the first time. The last thing that the Dallas moving services providers will probably inform you about includes any guidelines they will want you to follow. For example, the Dallas moving company may require you to empty out all of your furniture or unplug all of your electronics. If you have not done this yet, you at least have time to do so before your move the next day. When customers do no follow the guidelines set forth by Dallas movers, the company has the authority to cancel your job.
2. Finish packing.
Completely finishing all of your packing before the Dallas movers arrive is the best way to experience a stress free move. In order to say that you have 100% finished with your packing, you must meet the following guidelines:

  • everything has been emptied from all furniture and drawers
  • all items are packed in professional moving boxes
  • moving boxes are correctly taped shut on both sides with plenty of tape
  • all boxes have been accurately labeled on all visible faces
    When it comes to special items such as paintings, mirrors, or TVs, there are also boxes for these items. You can either purchase these specialty boxes on your own, or request them from your Dallas moving company. Since it is cheaper to buy these specialty boxes from your Dallas movers, you will want to let them know as soon as possible what moving supplies you require, so that they can have them ready for you on the day of your move.
    3. Don’t forget the keys.
    If you don’t have the keys, you’re not getting in. Whether you believe it or not, many people face this problem on the day of their move. Even though your apartment office or your realtor may tell you that you will get the keys on a certain day and by a certain time, you should be wary of this information. Apartment offices require that you fill out paperwork before they give you your keys; therefore, factor in this time when scheduling your move. When it comes to homes, the situation becomes complicated if the house is being remodeled. Anything can delay the remodeling process, and you are up to the mercy of those working on the house.

    What To Expect From Your Movers

    Hiring a professional Dallas moving company is the best course of action when it comes to moving. However, it is important to understand that you will only receive the services you pay for. If you are on a tight budget and decide to go with the cheapest Dallas movers, then make sure to ask about any additional hidden fees. The following services typically come included in the hourly rate of Dallas moving services providers.
    1. Moving truck with movers.
    Even though most Dallas moving companies will give you a moving rate that includes both the truck and the movers, this is not true for all businesses. As you are calling to different movers, make sure to ask whether the movers are already part of the hourly rate, or if there is a separate charge for labor. Moreover, make sure to ask how many movers will come included for the hourly rate since most companies will only send out two movers at a time. While two movers will be more than OK for small or medium sized moves, you might need more guys if you are moving a large home with 3 bedrooms or more. As you begin to add more movers to the package, the hourly rate will go up. When it comes to large moves, it is best to pay the higher hourly rate for more movers since more workers will finish the job sooner.
    2. Moving supplies.
    Another thing that typically comes at a separate charge will include moving supplies such as dollies, blankets, and shrink wrap. If you are moving out of storage, then you will probably not need the blankets or shrink wrap since your furniture should already be wrapped from the move in. However, things like dollies and gondolas are essential when it comes to big pieces of furniture that need to be wheeled instead of carried. Before you reserve with a specific Dallas moving company, make sure that they provide all of the supplies you need. If the supplies will come at an extra cost, you want to know beforehand and not be surprised at the last minute.
    3. Assembly and disassembly.
    Although one would think that assembly and disassembly should be part of the moving services, this is not always the case. While some Dallas movers include this in their hourly rate, others tend to charge on average about $25-$50 extra for these services depending on the difficulty level. If you are not willing to pay the movers to do this for you, then you will have to disassemble all of your furniture before your Dallas movers arrive, and then reassembly everything on your own once again.

    Tips For Scheduling A Move

    When you schedule a move, it is important to follow certain rules in order to make sure that you have a successful relocation. The following are certain things that Monarca Movers recommends in order to help you with your move.
    1. Reserve your move according to the season.
    Being the first job in the morning is always the best since you are getting fresh and rested movers. Moreover, the morning time is the coolest time during the summer, and your Dallas movers will definitely thank you for this. During the winter months, it might actually be better to schedule your move later in the day. In the winter, ice tends to be a major problem in Texas; therefore, scheduling later in the day will give the sun some time to melt any ice patches.
    2. Reserve your move as soon as possible.
    For people moving during the summer, you must be aware that this time is the busiest season for all of the local Dallas moving companies. When you schedule your move with plenty of time in advance, you have more options when it comes to times and dates available. If you can only move at certain times, then you will most likely need to schedule a move in the middle of the month. Halfway through the month, the moving bustle tends to calm down, and there is quite a bit more options for scheduling a move.
    3. Have various moving dates in mind.
    You will not know the available moving dates and times until you begin calling various Dallas movers. For this reason, it is important to have various dates and times open in your schedule, so that you can coordinate with your favorite Dallas moving services providers. If you are not able to schedule your preferred move and date the first time around, you may want to ask the Dallas moving company about putting you on a wait list. Once your preferred moving date and time becomes available with the Dallas movers of your choice, they will give you a call and pencil you in. However, it is important to have a backup plan since it is not a guarantee that you will ever get a spot by signing up to the wait list. It is also important to understand that signing up to a wait list is no way an official reservation. Therefore, do not place all of your hopes on one date and time.

    Keeping Cool While Moving

    If you do not take care to check yourself, then you will find that you can easily lose your temper with anyone during your move. Even though most people understand that this is a stressful time for you, they will only put up with so much. For this reason, it is important to stay calm, and do the best you can in order to prevent any outbursts.
    When you have a lot of things going on, you are more stressed and therefore more likely to be in a bad mood. However, you can always hire a professional Dallas moving company to help you with your move. These professional Dallas movers are experts in their field, and they can make the moving experience much easier for you. If you are short on time, then you can also hire Dallas movers to help you with the packing process. For those looking to save some money, you will have to do your own packing and then have the Dallas moving company come in and finish the job.
    Besides gathering the help of your Dallas movers, you should also organize your time so that you are not rushing at the last minute. It is always smart to begin by looking for your Dallas moving services providers first. Once you have your Dallas movers reserved you will know if you need to handle the packing on your own, or if the movers will do this for you. If you will need to do the packing, then it is important that you start as soon as possible. This process will take a long time and it requires a lot of care. When people try to rush the packing process, they end up breaking a lot of things and this will only cause more stress.
    The last thing that you Dallas movers recommend in order to have a stress free move includes creating a survival kit. These survival kits should have all of the essentials for the days before your big move. People tend to forget that they will still need many small things around their home while they are packing and moving. It is already such an inconvenience to go through the moving process that you will want to make day to day living as easy as possible. By filling your survival kit with all of the essentials, you do not have to dig through numerous boxes in order to find the things that you need.

    Surviving Your Move

    When you are moving, you are subject to a lot of stress. However, it is important to keep calm and hire the help of professional Dallas movers. Even though you may not have a lot of furniture, you will soon find out that it is both cheaper and less stressful to let Dallas moving services providers take over.
    Professional Dallas moving companies have all the tools, equipment, and experience needed to help you with your move. If you try to move on your own, then you will need to rent the moving truck, look for laborers, and buy all of the moving supplies such as dollies, blankets, and shrink wrap. After adding all of these costs up, you will be astounded by how much money you will have to spend. Besides the amount of money you spend, you will also have to dedicate a lot more of your time on your move. This is always the worst part of moving especially if you have to work or take care of children. When you hire Dallas movers, however, they will take a lot of stress and work off of your plate and make the moving process smoother.
    For those doing their own packing, you will want to do yourself a favor and start as early as possible. When you start packing, make sure that you do not pack things that you will need in the weeks to come before your move. However, you can pack unnecessary items such as the wardrobe you are not using and all of the decorations around your home. As you finish packing each moving box, make sure you label it clearly on all sides. Moreover, you will want to make sure to place packed moving boxes in a place that is out of the way. Do not just leave moving boxes lying around since they will clutter up your home and accidents could easily happen.
    All in all, the success of your move will come down to how prepared you are and what Dallas moving company you hire. If you are trying to save money and hire the cheapest Dallas movers, then you will risk hiring a fake moving company. If you find Dallas movers that have an extremely low hourly rate, then they will most likely not be a professional and well established business with all of the pertaining insurances; therefore, they can charge less than all of the other businesses. Even though this may not matter to some people, most customers try to avoid this since they have no guarantee of receiving a solution in case of an accident.

    Safety During Moving

    When you hire Dallas movers, you want to hire a professional Dallas moving company that will put your best interest at heart. Even though you may want to save some money by hiring the cheapest Dallas movers, this is not always the best idea. Your main concern should be the reputation of the Dallas moving services providers and not the costs involved.
    1. Make sure you hire professional Dallas movers.
    There are always many Dallas moving companies to choose from, but you need to be careful on which business you decide to go with. If you choose the cheaper company, you may find that these Dallas movers are not always professionals. Many times, there will be people that try to make some extra money during the summer by making an impromptu business and competing with professional Dallas movers. Since these fake movers do not have to pay for insurance and state permits, they can charge a cheaper price. However, if something happens to your furniture, you cannot hold these people accountable and they can disappear at any moment.
    2. Keep all pets locked up.
    Many Dallas movers have strict policies when it comes to pets. Even though your pets may act appropriately around you, they will definitely cause trouble for the Dallas moving company since they do not know the movers. If your pets are constantly running around the legs of the movers, it is much easier for them to step on your pet. Moreover, the Dallas movers may accidentally drop some of your items if they trip over your pet; therefore, this will end up costing you more money.
    3. Make sure to wrap all of your glassware.
    The most delicate item during your move will definitely be all of your glassware. If you are not careful, it is easy to break these items. When you wrap all of your glassware, however, you are making sure that nothing will break. For this reason, your Dallas movers will place lots of wrapping paper at the bottom of each box in order to minimize the effects of any hits to the box. When it comes to unpacking, it is important that you take care to always look into the moving box when you reach in. In case something has broken inside the box, you do not want to accidentally grab any shards of broken glass. For this reason, Dallas moving companies always recommend that you do not allow your children to help with these boxes.

    Packing for Your Move

    Packing is a very important, but time consuming, part of your move. If you have the money to have your professional Dallas movers do the packing, then this is always recommended. When you let experts do the packing, you are making sure that all of personal belongings make it from one location to another in one piece. If you are on a tight budget, however, you should save your money for the actual moving services and do the packing on your own.
    Picking a day to start packing is always a tough thing to do. While most Dallas moving companies recommend that you start as soon as possible, you need to take into consideration your specific situation. If you do not have a lot of things to pack, then you do not want to start too early. Starting too early on a small move is worse since you will need your things before the move; therefore, you will find yourself opening boxes trying to find that one item you need. In this case, it is recommended that you do your packing the night before your Dallas movers arrive to help you with your move. Since you will still need some essential items to for the night and the following morning, build a survival pack that has the minimal things that you will need.
    For people with bigger homes or a busy schedule, starting packing in advance might be the best thing to do. However, you also need to take into consideration where you will be storing packed moving boxes. You will want to find a good spot that is out of the way, but has easy access for your Dallas moving services providers. If you just start leaving random boxes everywhere throughout your house, then the entire thing will be a nightmare. For people that do not have a space to put their packed moving boxes, they might consider renting a nearby storage unit. In this case, the Dallas movers can pick up all of the packed boxes from the storage, and then the movers can stop by your home for the remaining furniture.
    Whatever the case, you need to make sure that you have some sort of order when your Dallas moving company arrives. If you are not ready, then this will really slow down your move since your Dallas movers will not know where to begin. In the case that you will have two different drop-off locations, make sure that you specify from the very beginning what is going to each place and what will be left behind.

    Beware of Fake Dallas Movers

    When you try to find someone to move you, you need to be sure that you find professional Dallas movers to help you with the job. Whether you can believe it or not, there are actually a lot of fake Dallas moving companies out there. This is especially true during the summer when a lot of people try to take advantage of the busy moving season in order to make an extra buck. In order to try and avoid a scam, you need to take into consideration the following things.
    1. Look for reviews online.
    A well established Dallas moving company that has a lot of reviews online that can pretty much detail the entire history of the business. When you begin looking for Dallas moving services providers, try to go for the companies that that seem to have a pretty good and lengthy reputation online. A fake moving company will not dedicate the time to try and build up a reputation if they only plan to work for a couple of months.
    2. Try to find the webpage.
    Professional Dallas movers also take the time to invest in a website when they are dedicated to the moving industry. Although many Dallas moving companies will have online profiles for social media such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, these are easy to build and do not require any commitment since they can easily be cancelled. On the other hand, a webpage requires an investment that only a professional moving company will have.
    3. Check that your company has a DOT number.
    Every legally established Dallas moving company needs to have a TXDOT number in order to comply with the state’s rules. In order to obtain a DOT number, the Dallas movers in question will have to be evaluated and constantly monitored by agents from the department of transportation for the state of Texas. Dallas movers that pass the scrutiny of the TXDOT will be a good Dallas movers to use for your move.

    Cutting Back Time When Moving

    There are many things that you can do to save time during your move. Even though it will mean a little more planning on your part, it is definitely worth it in the end. When you take the time to prep for your move, you will end up saving time and money since you will end up using your Dallas movers for a shorter amount of time.
    1. Have all loose items packed into boxes.
    It is always much easier for your Dallas movers to move boxes as compared to loose items. When you use a Dallas moving company, they will most likely ask you to empty out all of your drawers and have them ready to go for your move. If this is the case, then you want to get this done with plenty of time in advance so that you do not have to rush in the end. By having all loose items correctly packed into moving boxes, then you will make it easier for your Dallas moving company to quickly come in and load up all of the prepared moving boxes.
    2. Disassemble any pieces of furniture that require it.
    While most Dallas moving services providers will provide disassembly and reassembly, you can still do this on your own if you want to save time and money. The thing to be aware of, however, is that you will also be responsible for the reassembly if you do the disassembly. When you disassemble your own furniture, your Dallas movers do not want to be held responsible for any missing parts; therefore, they will refuse to do disassembly. If you will be doing your own assembly and reassembly, then take a tip from your professional Dallas movers and take various pictures of your piece of furniture as you are disassembling it. As you begin reassembly at your new home, these pictures will be invaluable in helping you put it back together again.
    3. Start moving items closer to the exit.
    The last thing that you can do to help cut back on time would be to start moving boxes and other small pieces of furniture closer to the exit. This is a very good idea for people who are moving out of two story homes. In this case, moving everything down to the first floor will save a lot of time since your Dallas moving company will not have to waste time on the stairs. It is important to keep in mind, however, that you still need to leave some room for the movers to maneuver through. If you clutter the entrance with too many items, then this may be more of a problem than a solution.