Moving as a Family: Part 1

When you are living on your own, you have minimum furniture and personal items. On the other hand, families have larger homes, larger furniture, and a lot more junk to move from one location to the next. For this reason, it is important to make sure that you hire a good Dallas moving company in order to successfully move your family home.
Moving a family is a big job; therefore, it will require Dallas movers that are experts in their field. Even though you may feel that you will need to hire a large or highly prestigious company, you will be surprised that your best bet will actually end up being a local Dallas moving company. Local Dallas movers are rely on reviews from their customers and the reputation they build for themselves. For this reason, you will find that you will get the best customer service from these types of companies.
Once you have decided on the local Dallas moving company that will help you with your move, you will want to turn your attention to your home. Packing on your own is going to be the best way to help cut back on the moving cost. And thinking about the cost of your move if very important since your large family home will take more than a couple of hours to move. If you are able to coordinate with your spouse and divide the tasks that consist of the moving process, then completing everything in time before the arrival of your Dallas movers will be possible. However, most family parents tend to be very busy with work and school duties. For families with older children, their duties can be lightened a bit with the help of their children.
Whether you believe it or not, you can receive a lot of help from your children throughout the moving process. While it is not a good idea to have kids running around when your Dallas movers arrive, you can have them help you pack and organize before the day of your big move. Once the big day arrives, however, you will want to make sure that your children are not at the center the mess. Small children tend to be a big problem for Dallas movers since they are constantly running around and touching things they are not supposed to. If your Dallas movers have to worry about what the kids are touching and where they are at all times, then this will make the job harder for the Dallas moving services providers. For this reason, it is always best to simply keep them out of the house during on moving day.

Picking a Moving Company

Picking a good Dallas moving company does not have to be difficult. If you do your research and begin with plenty of time in advance, you can easily find good Dallas moving services providers who will carry out a successful move.
The first stop for an person is always the internet. Even though you will get a lot of information with a simple online search, not all of the Dallas movers that are recommended by your search engine will necessarily be the best. It is a good idea to look at the reviews for the listed Dallas moving companies. However, you need to make sure that you do not rely to heavily on only one review website. When it comes to review websites, you never know how honest a person is actually being. Overall, you want to average out the ratings that are assigned to each Dallas moving company. If the majority of the reviews for a particular Dallas mover are positive, then the Dallas moving services providers is most likely a good business. However, Dallas movers with mostly bad reviews are definitely companies you want to say away from. In the end, you just have to make the best call you can, and choose the Dallas movers that convince you the most when you talk to them over the phone.
Talking to each potential Dallas moving company over the phone is also very important. When you talk to one of the sales associates, you will be able to tell a lot about the Dallas movers by the type of customer service you receive. If the sales associates are knowledgeable and efficient, then you know that these Dallas movers are a good choice. If you have a hard time getting a hold of a Dallas moving company, or if they keep switching around the prices for their services, then you will definitely want to stay away from these Dallas movers.
In the end, the Dallas movers you choose will greatly impact how successful and stress free your move is. If you hire good Dallas movers, then you will find yourself constantly calling them back when you have to move in the future. Once you have found a good Dallas moving company, you will want to keep their contact information for future reference. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the pricing for Dallas movers will change over time. If you had a particularly good experience with one Dallas moving company then it is recommended that you continue to use them since they will continue to provide great results.

Complex Moves

Not all moves are short and simple. Depending on what you have to move and where you are located, you may end up having a very difficult move. For this reason, many people decide not to worry about all of the details and instead let their Dallas movers handle everything. Even though your Dallas moving services providers are experts and can handle many obstacles during the moving process, it is still important to be understanding and support your Dallas movers any way you can.
The most frustrating thing for any Dallas moving company is when their customers are not prepared for their move. When you hire Dallas movers, you are hiring workers to help you with your move and not to clean up after you. Before the Dallas moving services providers arrive, you need to make sure that you have packed all of your loose items, unplugged all electronics, and at least dusted all of your furniture. When the Dallas movers arrive, they are expecting you to have have everything packed and ready to go. If you have not done the required prepping, then you are wasting time, and you risk the damage of your personal belongings.
Another important thing to take into consideration for people with pets includes the fact that your furniture should be cleaned before it is moved. Even though you may not notice it, your companions tend to shed a lot of hair that can easily accumulate in all kinds of places. As you are packing, make sure that you also take care to clean out any hair and dust from underneath your bed or refrigerator and on your couch or mattress. While you may be used to your furry companions, your Dallas movers may be allergic to fur and this can cause some Dallas movers to have severe allergic reactions.
For people who have lived in downtown Dallas, they know the struggle of trying to navigate through such narrow streets and its even worse with traffic. For this reason, it is always a good idea to try and set your move during a time when traffic is at a minimum. In many apartment complexes downtown, the Dallas movers simply have to park in the middle of the street in order to load or unload your furniture and this can be a huge safety hazard. When you move into a new apartment complex, always make sure to ask about loading docks or freight elevators for your Dallas movers and then make sure to inform the Dallas moving company about these amenities.

Last Minute Moves

It is never a good idea to save the scheduling of your move until the last minute. When you try to reserve Dallas movers at the last minute, you will end up having to schedule with a Dallas moving company that may not be your top choice. For this reason, it is always important to start looking for Dallas movers as soon as you know you are going to move.
The first place that you will want to start looking for Dallas movers is online. Doing an online search will give you all of the closest Dallas moving companies in your area. Moreover, you may sometimes also be provided with a rating out of five stars of the Dallas movers in your search. If you do not get a rating straight from your search, then you will also be provided with other links that will show you different reviews of the Dallas movers. In the end, the ratings of these Dallas movers will give you a great idea of how good the Dallas movers are. Reviews online give you a first hand perspective of how good a certain Dallas moving services provider is. Reading reviews online is the best way to get a good idea of which ones are the best Dallas movers in your area.
Once you have an idea which Dallas movers you want to hire, then you can begin calling the specific moving companies and start asking for prices. If you are on a short time schedule, however, then you will find it very difficult to try and reserve with the most popular Dallas movers. The best Dallas movers are sought after by everyone in the area, so they always fill up first. When you are trying to reserve, you need to have various moving times available in you schedule since you do not know what schedules the Dallas moving company of your choice will have. If you just cannot work out a moving schedule, then it always a good idea to leave all of your contact information with the Dallas movers. In this case, the Dallas movers will have you on a waiting list for a specific moving date. When the Dallas movers have an opening due to a cancellation or a rescheduling, you will be next in line for this open spot. For this reason, you want to make sure that you provide the correct phone number and that it is a line that you will be able to answer at all times.

Why Should I Hire Professionals?

Moving is a complicated thing that requires a lot of time and patience. Even the actual moving will only take place over the time span of one day, there is a lot of prep work that needs to go in before you are actually ready to move. For those who are moving out of large homes, their actual move days could last up to three days. Without the help of professional Dallas movers, you will not survive this long ordeal.
If you have a big budget for moving, then you can hire Dallas movers to help you from the very beginning. As you already know, packing is the first thing that needs to be taken care of before any actual moving can occur. When a professional Dallas moving company is put to work, they are experts in the packing process. Moreover, you will not have to worry about going out and buying all of the packing supplies you will need. Instead, a professional Dallas moving services assessor will visit your home and give you an estimate of how much they will charge for moving supplies, packing, and moving. If you would only like help with packing, then make sure you let the Dallas movers know before they put together the official quote for you.
Once the packing has been finished, the next step is moving day. This is the step in the moving process in which most people decide to hire Dallas moving companies. Hiring professional Dallas movers for this day is the best decision you can make since they will literally take care of everything! All you have to do is confirm your move by phone the day before, put down a deposit if necessary, and then let the Dallas movers in when they arrive. If you did not hire professionals to help you with packing, then you also have to make sure that everything is packed and ready to go by the time you Dallas movers arrive. Dallas moving services providers that are very busy or popular in the area will actually end up cancelling your move if you are not ready to go. In their minds, they are not about to waste their skilled Dallas movers on a day long move with a disorganized customer when they can do three other jobs with prepared individuals.
The last step of the moving process is unpacking. At this point it might be a little difficult to find Dallas moving services providers that still offer this service. Most likely, Dallas moving companies will charge per hourly rate for the unpacking, and such a long process can come out to be very expensive. For this reason, many Dallas moving companies recommend that you do the unpacking process on your own.

Moving From An Apartment

An apartment move can be just as difficult as a house move; therefore, hiring professional Dallas movers is recommended. If you are on a tight budget and want to save money, then there are always things you can do to save some money.
1. Do your own prepping.
When you hire professional Dallas moving services providers, they tend to provide certain services such as assembly and disassembly. While some Dallas moving companies do this for no additional hourly rate, there are others that will charge you for these services. Even if you will receive these services at no additional cost, you have to take into consideration the fact that the Dallas movers are charging you per hour, so it will take longer to complete your move. If you can do the disassembly and reassembly on your own, then definitely take the time to do this before the Dallas movers arrive.
2. Locate the loading dock.
There are various apartment complexes in Dallas, TX that have loading docks. If this is the case at either your pick up or drop off locations, then you will want to locate these areas and reserve them if necessary. When your Dallas moving company arrives, it is a good idea to already have a predesignated area for them to park, so that they do not have waste time looking for a place. If you have reserved the loading dock, then it is easier for your Dallas movers to quickly set up camp and begin working. For those who are fortunate enough to have an apartment close to a loading dock or elevators, then their move will go by a lot quicker. No matter how fast your Dallas movers work, however, you have to realize that some time is still going to be spend traveling in the elevator and walking all the way to the loading dock.
3. Get rid of some stuff.
If you have living in one place for a long time, then you will have acquired a lot of junk over the years. Since you will be paying professional Dallas movers to move all of your items, you want to make sure that they only move your essentials. Paying a professional Dallas moving company to move junk makes no sense and it can end up costing you a lot of money. While you are doing all of your packing, take the time to sort through your items and set aside the things you no longer need.

The Right Moving Truck Size

The Dallas moving services providers that you will be using each have different truck sizes to offer you for your move. The experts over the phone know how much furniture fits into each moving truck; therefore, their recommendation on truck size should be taking seriously. If you do not trust your Dallas moving company when they recommend a specific truck size, then you will find yourself in a horrible mess on the day of your move.
There are some people that want to save as much money as possible during their move; therefore, they will lie to their Dallas movers in order to be able to reserve the smallest moving truck available. While the smaller moving packages do have a cheaper price, they will end up costing you more money and your Dallas movers may actually refuse to do your move. If the truck that you reserved is way to small for all of your furniture, then it will definitely take more than one trip to move all of your personal belongings. If the Dallas movers do not have another job after yours, then they might be able to do various trips in order to complete your move. With most Dallas moving companies, however, there is a set amount of time that the Dallas movers have in order to complete your move.
Besides having to do various trips, you will also have to worry about the increased cost of gas since your Dallas moving services providers will most likely charge you for each trip. If your move is in the morning or in the middle of the day and your moving truck is too small, then you will have to end up rescheduling your move for another day when the truck size you actually need is available. If you chose popular Dallas moving services providers, then their schedule will be super busy. Trying to reschedule with busy Dallas movers can be extremely difficult; therefore, you wan to make sure that you have the right truck size the first time around.
Overall, it is always best to trust your Dallas movers and to be as honest with them as possible. The best way to avoid any misunderstandings is to provide your Dallas movers with a detailed list of everything you will be moving. If all of you stuff does not end up fitting in the truck that the Dallas movers recommend even after seeing your list, then the Dallas movers will be more lenient in case you need to reschedule.

Disposing of Furniture

Getting rid of furniture is a natural ordeal during the moving process. Some people decide to dispose of furniture since they do not want to waste money on professional Dallas movers and waste time moving junk. Others, need to get rid of furniture if they are down-sizing. Whatever the case, Monarca Movers has the following options for disposing of your furniture.
1. Talk to your Dallas movers.
If you did your job correctly, then the Dallas moving services providers that you are using will be a professional business that is well established in the moving industry. These professional Dallas movers can therefore easily inform you of many places where your furniture will be accepted with open arms. Sometimes, the Dallas moving company will also collect furniture and donate it to church or charities. If your Dallas movers of choice do not do this, then you can also ask about their disposal services. In most cases, the movers will not mind tossing the heavy piece of furniture into the trash if you have one of the big trash cans on your property. If that is not the case, then the Dallas moving company will most likely charge you for this service.
2. Donate.
Nowadays, there are many organizations that are willing to pick up your donations from your doorstep. You simply have to call in to their center and set up a pick up date and time. While some organizations may ask that someone be there at the time of pick up in order to approve everything that is being donated, other groups may just ask you to leave everything on your front door step. For those not comfortable with having someone come to their home, thrift stores may be another option. These types of shops can usually be found around town, and they will take anything that you are willing to donate.
3. Garage Sale.
As a last resort, you can always try hosting a garage sale before your appointment with your Dallas moving services providers. Selling the furniture you no longer need will save you both time and money. When you have less furniture, it takes your Dallas movers a shorter amount of time to complete your move. The amount of time you end up saving on your move will depend on how much your get rid of how well you organize all of your remaining items. Moreover, the money made in the garage sale could then be used to cover the moving bill.

Maximizing Moving Truck Space

Even though it may seem like you are not moving a lot of furniture, you can easily fill up a huge moving truck by not placing items correctly or by packing to much junk. Below are a couple of tips from Monarca Movers on how to maximize the space in your moving truck.
1. Don’t pack junk.
When you are moving, it is always a good idea to sort through all of your personal belongings and get rid of things you no longer need. If you are going to pay professional Dallas moving services providers to do your packing, then you can minimize the cost of packing services by reducing the amount of things you want them to pack. For those doing their own packing, it is recommended by professional Dallas movers to get rid of junk in order to save time and money. You will definitely save time since it will take less time to pack the essentials, and you will also save money since you will need less moving supplies and the Dallas moving company will take less time to move fewer items. If you really want to see a decrease in the time and money spent on your move, however, you need to do a major downsize on the amount of stuff you will be moving.
2. Pack everything.
Sometimes people give up halfway through the packing process and leave a lot of loose items lying around. When you hire professional Dallas movers, however, they always stress the importance of packing all loose items. By putting everything into boxes, it is much easier to stack the boxes from top to bottom in the moving truck. As you are packing moving boxes, Dallas movers recommend that you pack them tight enough to maintain the cube shape of the box, but not too tight that the box is deformed from the pressure. It is important that the boxes do not have any air spaces since this will cause them to cave in when the Dallas movers begin stacking them. However, if the box is too heavy, then the Dallas moving company may refuse to move the box and ask you to empty it out and divide the contents into smaller boxes.
3. Move your own electronics.
Fragile items such as electronics or antiques require a lot of space and cushioning in order to avoid any damage. For this reason, Dallas movers typically recommend that you move these items in your car since they are safer this way. Moreover, it also saves a lot of space in the truck for bigger pieces of furniture and heavy boxes.

Weather Affects Moving

Weather conditions in the state of Texas will shift from one extreme to the next within a matter of days. For this reason, many people decide to hire professional Dallas moving companies since they do not want to deal with either intense heat or numbing cold. Below are a couple of tips that Monarca Movers recommends when it comes to moving in a state with crazy weather patterns.
1. Go for climate control.
Texas is a very humid state. When Dallas movers head out to the field, they know to check the percent humidity for the day instead of the average temperature. If you will have the Dallas moving services providers take your stuff to storage, then you will want to make sure you get climate control. Climate control is going to be a bit more expensive, but it is definitely worth it since all of your furniture will survive the storage time. When you use a regular locker to store your items, the humidity tends to soak into your wooden pieces of furniture until they rot. Moreover, the heat and humidity can be devastating for things such as leather or any electronics.
2. Blanket and shrink wrap.
Besides protecting your furniture from any scratches, Dallas movers will also use blankets to protect your furniture from light rain or intense sun rays. When you are calling Dallas moving companies, you will want to ask if they provide these moving supplies. While most Dallas movers do provide blankets and shrink-wrap, some will charge extra for these supplies. In this case, you want to use these moving supplies on your furniture since they are of great help. Therefore, if there is an extra charge, it is recommended that you either pay it or find a Dallas moving company that already includes it as part of their hourly rate.
3. Moving truck.
When you hire Dallas movers, it is important that you ask what time of moving truck they will be bringing. For some Dallas moving companies, their moving trucks are just going to be flat beds. If these Dallas movers were to move all of your stuff on the flat bed while it was raining or snowing, then all of your furniture would be completely ruined. It is always a good sign when the Dallas moving company of your choice is bringing a box truck. Box trucks are the professional moving trucks that you see at places like U-Haul. With one of these trucks, you can rest assured that all of your furniture will be safe and secure.