by Anonymous

Monarca did a great job helping me with my move. I really loved that they were exactly on time, and they did not work really slow. The one thing that really won me over was the fact that the movers broke my bed apart and then put it back together at my new location. Definitely will be using them again!

 by Anonymous

Great company both in the service provided and the price. I do not typically write reviews for businesses, but Monarca definitely deserves the praise. I would easily recommend this business to anyone looking for excellent movers.

 by Kelsey A.
Kelsey A.

These guys were quick but professional throughout my entire move. They made sure to protect all of my furniture by wrapping it with blankets and shrink wrap. Moreover, they took the time to disassemble my bed, some bookshelves, in order to prevent them from being damaged since they were so big and bulky. At the new location, the movers put all of my furniture back together and placed everything exactly where I told them too. The only small downside was that the movers could not disconnect and reconnect my washer and dryer since it was apparently against their Monarca's policy. In the end, however, I was satisfied with my move because it took no longer than the two hour minimum. I ended up receiving a great service and all for a great price.

 by Mackenzie S.
Mackenzie S.

Loved them!! They were the hardest working group of movers I have ever seen. They were on time, professional, and worked quickly and carefully. They had my 2 bedroom house moved out and moved into a 3 story condo within 4 hours. They did not stand around or waste time - it was quite incredible. I would recommend them to anyone who is moving - big move or small move. It was the best money I have ever spent during a move process. Also, the correspondence was very timely and organized prior to my move. It was all very efficient. They did a great job confirming times, reminding you of important details, etc. Again, these guys were GREAT and I highly recommend them to everyone looking for a qualified moving company

 by Anonymous

These guys did a great job moving my one bedroom apartment into storage yesterday morning. I have moved with Monarca various times now since they move my furniture into and out of storage for the breaks and when I come back for classes. My entire move took about 2 1/2 hours and nothing was damaged in the process. The movers worked quickly since I told them I had to catch a plane at 12:30pm. This marks my 4th successful move with Monarca, and I plan for many more!

 by Bree Garcia
Bree Garcia

This is my second time moving with Monarca Movers, and I am extremely satisfied with the services they provided. For this move, I had Monarca move some stuff out of my parent's garage and into storage. Since my things have been in my parent's garage for some time, there were damaged boxes that were falling apart. I was planning on repacking all of the damaged boxes, but I did not have enough time to do it all before the day of the move. When I told the guys about this, the graciously helped me pack up the remaining items. I was really surprised since I was told over the phone that all of the packing needed to be done before the guys arrived. However, the driver told me not to worry about it since it was only 4 boxes. Also, when the movers put everything into my storage, they did a great job in organizing it. Since I told the driver that I was probably going to need to get to my stuff, he made sure to leave an aisle down the middle so that I could easily access all of the items towards the back. This is the second time that Monarca Movers has provided a great service, and I do not doubt that they will continue to do so.

 by Brett H.
Brett H.

Monarca was hired by my roommates and me in order to move the furniture of one of our roommates out of our home and into storage. It took some time for us to be able to get the time we wanted, but in the end we were able to find a time and date that we could do. The move was really quick since we did not have a lot of furniture and our storage was really close to our apartment. Monarca took apart the bed and some other pieces of furniture for no extra charge, so this was a great plus

 by Alexis G.
Alexis G.

Monarca did a good job, I highly recommend this company.

 by James R.
James R.

Monarca really surprised me with their work ethic this morning. I did not have time to extensively research Monarca as much as I would have liked to, but they ended up doing a really great job. Monarca just charged me an hourly rate for my services, and then a fuel fee charge for gas. I already had my bed disassembled, so the movers did not have to do that. This great experience with Monarca has definitely convinced me to use them exclusively from now on.

 by Amanda Hendrix
Amanda Hendrix

I highly recommend Monarca Movers!! I am a single girl, and trust is super important when moving by myself. Audiel, the owner of the company, was 1 of my movers. He and his moving partner were absolutely AMAZING, and the nicest people I've met!! I could not believe how fast they moved my apartment, no damages, and they even placed every piece of furniture in its place for me. I've lived in Dallas 10 years and moved quite a bit, and by far THE BEST EXPERIENCE I've ever had. Super efficient, respectful, and I was so grateful for them! Thank you guys

 by Janette

When I decided to move from my current apartment to a house, I was really dreading the move. Part of the reason was because I hated moving and the other part of the reason was that I had so much stuff that it felt like it would take forever and I only had a few days to move everything. A few months ago my friend had to move as well and he called Monarca Movers to help him. When he heard that I was moving he recommended that I use them. So I decided to give them a call. The person who answered my call was very polite and efficient and helped me find the best option for my move. Thanks to Monarca Movers I was able to have everything packed up and moved to my new place in no time! They were very careful with my items and were really easy to collaborate with. I definitely recommend Monarca Movers to anyone who needs to move! They made my transition very easy and hassle free!! :).

 by Priscilla G.
Priscilla G.

I have been using Monarca for a really long time now. I first started using them back in '09 when they moved me out of my parents’ home, and have used them at least twice a year since then. Monarca always has great movers that are trained and know exactly what they are doing. I also like how I can actually communicate with my movers since they speak English. Recently, I had Monarca deliver a new couch to my apartment, and the move went as smoothly as ever. I did have to drive out to the pick-up in order to sign the invoice and sign for the release of the couch, but then Monarca took care of the rest. The guys unpacked the new couch, and then cleaned up all of the packing afterwards! Could not have asked for better service!

 by Megan Motefusco Crow
Megan Motefusco Crow

I had a wonderful experience with Monarca Movers. I received a flat hourly rate without any hidden fees. Audeil and his assistant arrived promptly at 8am, when they said they would arrive, and completed the job in exactly two hours. All of my items arrived in my new home undamaged. I have moved many times and Monarca Movers is definitely the best moving company I have hired.

 by Sharon O.
Sharon O.

I booked Monarca Movers a week prior to my move and everything went great! The lady at the office was very polite and called me a day before to confirm the move. The next day the movers showed up exactly at the time they said they would looking clean and ready to work.They were very professional and loaded up all of our stuff in a timely manner. With past moving companies I have had quite a few things damaged or broken, but with this Dallas moving company everything arrived in perfect condition!I couldn't ask for a better moving experience and will definitely hire them again!

 by Lindsey Gavlick
Lindsey Gavlick

My moving team was kind and friendly despite the confusion regarding third floor versus second floor confusion and no elevator. No damage done to my property and they helped with a large, heavy Fedex delivery that was left downstairs instead of being delivered upstairs as planned. They are a very personable company to work with. This was my second time hiring their services and I'll hire them again for my next move.

 by Julia G.
Julia G.

I have heard some real horror stories about last minute moves, but that was definitely not the case with Monarca Movers. I was lucky to find Monarca since they were able to fit me in at the last minute and without any additional costs for scheduling so late. On the day of the move, the movers arrived on time and they were fast and efficient. The only part of my move that took a bit longer was the unloading since my movers had to share the freight elevator at my new apartment complex. Other than this, however, my move went smoothly and was finished in no time.

 by Jim U.
Jim U.

Definitely had a magical experience with Monarca Movers. They were amazing from the very beginning as they packed our three bedroom home. We asked Monarca to bring all of the packing supplies, so we just had to pay for the amount of supplies used. The best part was that our entire move was done in ONE day. I talked to several other Dallas movers, and they kept telling me that my move would have to be split into at least two days or maybe even more. I was really worried about this since it was going to mean a lot and time and money that I did not have. That is why I automatically booked with Monarca when they told me that they could do it all in one day. Overall, the movers did a great job since nothing was damaged in the entire move because the movers made sure to handle everything with care.

 by Anonymous

I highly recommend Monarca to anyone looking for an honest and decently priced moving company. Personally, I hired Monarca because of the reviews online, and they turned out everything I expected them to be. The movers arrived right on time on the day of my move, and worked quickly and efficiently the entire time. When it came time to make my payment, I was not up-charged for going from a second floor to another second floor with stairs only at both locations. I was charged exactly what I was quoted over the phone, and the pricing was good since the movers only took about 3 1/2 hours to complete my move. Really loved these guys, and I will definitely be using them again in the future.

 by Louis R.
Louis R.

Excellent, excellent, excellent moving company! Setting up the appointment was a breeze thanks to the knowledgeable and very professional representatives with whom I spoke over the phone. Movers arrived right on time, wasted no time in getting all the furniture and boxes on the truck, and all was said and done an hour earlier than I anticipated. I can not recommend Monarca Movers enough, assuming you actually care about getting your stuff moved quickly, safely, and affordably.

 by Erin H.
Erin H.

I had such a great moving experience with Monarca. I called 4 days before I was supposed to move and they fit me in their schedule. I moved from a 2-story townhouse in my apartment complex to a 1 bedroom on the 3rd floor in the same complex. I am glad there were 3 movers because the move went really fast. Never once did I see the movers standing around or taking any breaks. They were hustling. They were very professional, nothing was broken or scratched. The move did not take long at all. I will recommend Monarca movers to anyone I know is moving. They did a fantastic job.

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