Monarca Movers Does Onsite Estimates

Getting An Accurate Moving Quote

Monarca Movers always tries to give their customers the most accurate moving quote, yet there are certain situations in which a professional Dallas mover will have to do an onsite estimate. If you will be doing a commercial relocation or moving a big home, then you will want to inform the Monarca Movers sales representative. Although most houses do not need to be given an onsite estimate, it might be best to do so if you are moving a home that is at least four bedrooms, or if you want Monarca Movers to pack a home of that size. In order to schedule an appointment, many Dallas moving companies simply require their customers to call the office. Moreover, you can also look to schedule an appointment by e-mail. On the day of your onsite estimate, you will want to have easy access to every section in your home since you will have to give the moving company representatives a tour of your entire home. If you are not good at remembering long term ideas, it might be best to make a list of everything you want to show the movers, and any questions you may have. At this point, you will also want to know if you will be doing your own packing. If you have decided against this idea, then make sure to inform you Dallas movers, so that they can start calculating how many packing supplies you will need.

One of our Monarca Movers sales representative doing an onsite estimate.
One of our Monarca Movers sales representative doing an onsite estimate.

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