Moving A Piano

Moving a special item like a piano, pool table, safe, or grandfather clock will have different rules as compared to any other normal piece of furniture. When you talk to Dallas movers you will want to let them know about these special items in order to see if they will be able to move them. If your Dallas movers are not able to move your item, then you will be forced to find new Dallas moving services providers, or you will have to move this special piece on your own.
When Dallas movers move these special pieces they will have particular prices assigned to each item. For people who are moving their home along with the special piece, there might be some sort of discount for this bundle since the movers will already be there. If you are only going to move the one piece then you will probably end up paying a little extra plus a fuel fee charge since the movers have to drive all the way out to your location for just one item. Whatever the case, you will have to talk to various Dallas moving companies and pick the one that is best for you. In these types of cases, you can either choose regular Dallas movers, or you can look for professionals that specialize on certain items during moves. The easiest specialists to find will be either piano or pool table movers. If your items are expensive and delicate, then it might be a better idea to hire specialized movers instead of regular Dallas movers.
Something important to consider when hiring regular Dallas movers to move a special item includes the different rules and regulations they might have. Since these movers are not specialized in these special pieces, they will only handle the smaller items that are not too complex to move. For example, regular movers might only every move simple upright pianos and only from a first floor to a first floor location. In the case of the pool tables, most regular Dallas moving companies will not want to move a pool table with the marble slab. This is mostly due to the fact that these table can only safely be moved by completely disassembling and moving it in pieces. Otherwise, it is highly likely for the table to be damaged since it is too heavy to be moved when completely assembled.
In the end, moving these special pieces will be a hassle and their safe transportation will not be cheap. For this reason, many people decide to sell these items with their house or apartment when they move. If you cannot find professional Dallas movers to help you, then selling these items might be a good option to take into consideration.

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