Preparing for Your Move

There are several things that you can do in order to prepare for your move. Once you have set up your appointment with a Dallas moving company, you should ask them about their moving requirements. It is important to know a moving company’s requirements since you do not want to be caught off guard on the day of your move. Below are some of the most common requirements that Dallas movers tend to have:
1. Always empty out all of your furniture.
When it comes to furniture like dressers, nightstands, and filing cabinets, Dallas movers prefer that you empty out these pieces of furniture because of their weight. If your piece of furniture is stuffed with personal belongings, then it is very heavy and there is always a chance that the bottom might give out while the movers are carrying it. Moreover, leaving loose items inside will damage them since a piece of furniture will be flipped and turned many times while it is being moved. If by any chance the doors of a piece of furniture somehow manage to slip open, everything will come tumbling out and cause a safety hazard for the movers.
2. Unplug all electronics and appliances before the movers arrive.
Even though any small electronics and appliances should be packed and ready to go before the movers arrive, there will always be bigger pieces that you cannot handle on your own. These pieces include washers, dryers, refrigerators, TV’s, etc. If this is the case, however, you still need to prep the item and have it ready to go for the movers. For kitchen appliances such as stoves and refrigerators, you need to make sure that they are completely emptied out and clean on both the inside and outside. Moreover, these pieces need to be unplugged if at all possible. When it comes to washers and dryers, Dallas movers will once again asks customers to unplug these appliances and have them ready to go. Make sure that you have taken off all of the chords and hoses from the back and that you have stored them in a safe place for later use.
3. Pack all loose items.
When loading your furniture into the moving truck, there will be a limited amount of space left for boxes once all of the furniture has gone in. For this reason, Dallas movers ask that you pack all of your items into boxes and shut them securely with plenty of tape. If this is not done, then many Dallas moving companies will simply refuse to move any loose items. Many times, these loose items will damage other pieces of furniture in the truck, and they will just create a huge mess while the moving truck is in motion. While it is true that some pieces cannot always fit into a standard size moving box, you have try and get as much as you can.

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