Rescheduling Your Move

Even though this is not something you want to think about, there may be a chance that you will have to reschedule your move. This is especially true if your are moving during the winter or during spring showers. For this reason, it is important to always have a back up plan when moving during these times.
1. Be willing to reschedule your move.
In these cases, it is always important to have several days available for your move. When you schedule with your Dallas movers, they will ask you to pick one date and time that works best for you. Your move will be scheduled for this date and time, but your Dallas movers will inform you that this may change if the weather conditions become severe. With this in mind, you will want to make sure that you will be available for other days in the upcoming weeks just in case. If your Dallas moving company does call to reschedule, then you will not have an issue with this since you already planned ahead of time and created space in your schedule for moving for other days.
2. Protect your personal belongings.
When you are packing up your personal belongings, you can either put them in cardboard moving boxes or in plastic tubs. If you know that your boxes will be getting wet, then you will be better off packing everything into plastic tubs. Another great thing to do is to buy plastic covers for all of your mattresses. This is great for moving in any type of weather since it will prevent your mattresses from getting wet, dusty, or dirty during the move. The best places to find mattress covers will be your local storage facility, or you may be able to order them directly from your Dallas moving services providers.
3. Think long term.
If you will be storing your items, then you will want to think long term. Texas weather is unpredictable and harmful to your furniture. Therefore, it is recommended that you store your items in climate control if they will be in storage for more than a couple of days. This is especially important if you will be storing any electronics or fragile antiques. If you do not want to waste money storing your items for an indefinite amount of time, then it might be best for you to simply get rid of some of these things. You will only ever really need your essentials with you, and for those who are downsizing, it will be a waste of money to store items you may never use again.

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