Storing Your Items

There are many times when it is cheaper to store your items in storage. This is especially true for college students who go home during the holidays, and do not use their apartment for a couple of months. A lot of the time, it is cheaper to rent storage for a couple of months rather than pay a two or three months’ worth of rent in a place they will not be using.
Before you put your stuff into storage, however, you need to make sure that your items are correctly packed. If you do not correctly pack your items, then you may find that they can easily get damaged. To begin with, you need to make sure you pick the correct type of storage for your items. If you will be storing your items for a very short amount of time, or if you will be storing items that cannot be easily damaged, then you should have no problem renting a normal storage unit. If you will be storing your items for a longer period of time or delicate items such as electronics, then you will want to consider renting a climate control unit.
When you are packing all of your items, make sure that you try to place as many loose items as you can into moving boxes. For any electronics such as TV’s, computers, and surround sound systems, you will want to place these items into their original boxes in order to prevent any damage. If you do not have the original boxes, then you may be able to find specialty boxes for these items online or through your moving company.
Another important packing tip for long term storage includes the protection of your furniture. When you hire Dallas movers, make sure they provide blankets and shrink wrap to protect your furniture. Even though your moving company may provide these items for use during your move, they may have to take them back once the move is over and your furniture will be left unprotected. While some Dallas movers may allow you to keep the blankets if you buy them, there may be other movers that will not let you buy the blankets if they do not have enough with them.
It is always a good idea to let your Dallas movers know whether or not you will need packing supplies. If you will need supplies, then have a clear idea of what you will need so that the movers will have them ready for you by the day of your move. Moreover, letting the movers know exactly what you will need ahead of time will allow them to give you a definite pricing for packing supplies.

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