The Day Before Your Move

As your moving date gets closer, you will be so busy with everything that things will start to slip by you. For this reason, it is always a good idea to set up reminders on your phone or depend on lists to get you through the day. The following points are of great importance and greatly stressed by Monarca Movers.
1. Confirm your move.
Most Dallas movers will call you a day before to confirm your move. This confirmation is mostly for your benefit. It is important that you confirm your move over the phone since the Dallas movers will remind you of the time in which they will arrive. Moreover, they will double check the pick-up and drop-off addresses in case they were not written down correctly the first time. The last thing that the Dallas moving services providers will probably inform you about includes any guidelines they will want you to follow. For example, the Dallas moving company may require you to empty out all of your furniture or unplug all of your electronics. If you have not done this yet, you at least have time to do so before your move the next day. When customers do no follow the guidelines set forth by Dallas movers, the company has the authority to cancel your job.
2. Finish packing.
Completely finishing all of your packing before the Dallas movers arrive is the best way to experience a stress free move. In order to say that you have 100% finished with your packing, you must meet the following guidelines:

  • everything has been emptied from all furniture and drawers
  • all items are packed in professional moving boxes
  • moving boxes are correctly taped shut on both sides with plenty of tape
  • all boxes have been accurately labeled on all visible faces
    When it comes to special items such as paintings, mirrors, or TVs, there are also boxes for these items. You can either purchase these specialty boxes on your own, or request them from your Dallas moving company. Since it is cheaper to buy these specialty boxes from your Dallas movers, you will want to let them know as soon as possible what moving supplies you require, so that they can have them ready for you on the day of your move.
    3. Don’t forget the keys.
    If you don’t have the keys, you’re not getting in. Whether you believe it or not, many people face this problem on the day of their move. Even though your apartment office or your realtor may tell you that you will get the keys on a certain day and by a certain time, you should be wary of this information. Apartment offices require that you fill out paperwork before they give you your keys; therefore, factor in this time when scheduling your move. When it comes to homes, the situation becomes complicated if the house is being remodeled. Anything can delay the remodeling process, and you are up to the mercy of those working on the house.

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