Tips for A Dallas Move

People who have lived in the Dallas area all of their lives know the ins and outs of this place. However, the same cannot be said for those moving from out of state or from a different part of Texas. Even though your Dallas moving company will do everything they can to help you with your move, there are some things that you have to handle on your own.
1. Meet your apartment’s insurance requirements.
Even though this is only for a few apartment complexes in downtown Dallas and its surrounding areas, it is still very important. General liability insurance is a form of insurance that some apartment complexes will require the movers to have before they can enter the property. This type of insurance covers any damages that may be caused during the moving to the actual facility. While Dallas movers are required to provide an insurance to protect your furniture, they are not required to provide general liability insurance. If you hire a Dallas moving company that does not meet the apartment’s insurance requirements, then you will find yourself without movers on the day of the move since they will not be allowed in by the property manager.
2. Make sure you reserve your elevators.
Apartments in downtown Dallas tend to have freight elevators specifically for movers. It is important that you reserve the elevators for when your movers will be working, so that they do not have any problems getting your move done. If you never reserve the elevators, then they will most likely be busy with other Dallas movers. In this case, your movers will have to wait until the previous movers are done, or share the freight elevators with the other Dallas moving services providers. If the other Dallas movers are not willing to share and the elevators have already been reserved for all of the available time slots for that day, then you may have to reschedule your move.
3. Know where your loading dock is located.
Besides having freight elevators, many properties will also have loading docks for the movers to park at. If your apartment is not close to one of the property’s loading docks, then you will want to talk to your office manager about making an exception. Once your request is granted, you can safely have your Dallas moving company park closer to your apartment even if it is not at a designated loading dock area. However, you need to make sure that you have cleared this with the office, or you will most likely receive a heavy fine from your apartment office.

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