Tips for Scheduling a Move with a Dallas moving company

If you have never used a Dallas moving company to help you with your move, then you do not know what to expect when dealing with Dallas movers. In order to prevent any headaches as you begin contacting Dallas moving companies, Monarca Movers will provide you with a checklist of information that you should have at hand.

1. Know the dimensions of your storage unit.

If you will be moving your stuff out of a storage unit, then you need to know what the size of your storage unit is. Moreover, you should know whether you have any items that require special care, so that you can inform the movers. It is always a good idea to take a look at your storage beforehand. Moving companies will probably ask you how full your storage unit is, and whether the items in your storage unit are all on the floor or if your items are stacked.

2. Make a detailed list of what you will be moving.

When you talk to a Dallas moving company over the phone, you have to describe what you will be moving in order for them to give you an accurate quote. If you are only moving specific pieces of furniture from a big home or storage unit, then you will want to make a list of these items. Also, make sure that you take the dimensions of special pieces of furniture.

3. Have an estimated date and time in mind before you call any Dallas moving company.

When you call a Dallas moving company, you are expected to at least have an very good idea of when you will need to move. Monarca Movers recommends that you make up your mind before you begin calling Dallas moving companies. There are many times when your estimated time and date will be your actual move date. If you already have a date in mind, then you can quickly reserve your move once you find the right moving company.

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