What To Expect From Your Movers

Hiring a professional Dallas moving company is the best course of action when it comes to moving. However, it is important to understand that you will only receive the services you pay for. If you are on a tight budget and decide to go with the cheapest Dallas movers, then make sure to ask about any additional hidden fees. The following services typically come included in the hourly rate of Dallas moving services providers.
1. Moving truck with movers.
Even though most Dallas moving companies will give you a moving rate that includes both the truck and the movers, this is not true for all businesses. As you are calling to different movers, make sure to ask whether the movers are already part of the hourly rate, or if there is a separate charge for labor. Moreover, make sure to ask how many movers will come included for the hourly rate since most companies will only send out two movers at a time. While two movers will be more than OK for small or medium sized moves, you might need more guys if you are moving a large home with 3 bedrooms or more. As you begin to add more movers to the package, the hourly rate will go up. When it comes to large moves, it is best to pay the higher hourly rate for more movers since more workers will finish the job sooner.
2. Moving supplies.
Another thing that typically comes at a separate charge will include moving supplies such as dollies, blankets, and shrink wrap. If you are moving out of storage, then you will probably not need the blankets or shrink wrap since your furniture should already be wrapped from the move in. However, things like dollies and gondolas are essential when it comes to big pieces of furniture that need to be wheeled instead of carried. Before you reserve with a specific Dallas moving company, make sure that they provide all of the supplies you need. If the supplies will come at an extra cost, you want to know beforehand and not be surprised at the last minute.
3. Assembly and disassembly.
Although one would think that assembly and disassembly should be part of the moving services, this is not always the case. While some Dallas movers include this in their hourly rate, others tend to charge on average about $25-$50 extra for these services depending on the difficulty level. If you are not willing to pay the movers to do this for you, then you will have to disassemble all of your furniture before your Dallas movers arrive, and then reassembly everything on your own once again.

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