Common Moving Rules

Dallas movers will all have different prices and provide different services for their hourly rate. However, there are certain guidelines that all Dallas moving companies will ask you to follow for your move. Some of these basic rules are put in place in order to make the moving experience easier for the customer, so it is a good idea that you follow them.
1. Empty out all of your furniture.
Most Dallas movers will ask you to empty out all of your furniture before they can move it. This is due to the fact that the furniture is less heavy when it is empty. If a piece is full of heavy items, then it might cave in at the bottom when the movers try to lift it up. Also, the weight makes the piece of furniture heavier than it already is, and this will make moving it much more difficult. When Dallas movers have to deal with stairs or other obstacles, they are much more prone to hitting or dropping something if a piece of furniture is too heavy.
2. Pack loose items into boxes.
As you are emptying out all of your drawers make sure that you pack them into moving boxes. Many Dallas moving services providers will not take loose items since they are a hazard. If any loose items are put into the moving truck, then they will roll around when the truck is moving and cause accidents. Moreover, packing items into moving boxes is a great way for you to get a lot more items into the moving truck. It takes much less space and time for the Dallas movers to stack moving boxes than it will for them to haul loads of loose items. Also, boxes can be stacked and packed closer together while loose items can only be piled on the floor in one layer.
3. Be prepared to take some items on your own.
When it comes to items such as lamps or paintings, many Dallas moving companies will not move these things since it is very easy for them to be damaged in the moving truck. Since these are not items that can easily be packed into moving boxes, they have to be squeezed into the moving truck without any protection and this is just a disaster waiting to happen. For these types of items, it is best for you to move them in your car. By doing this, you can rest assured that the items will arrive safely and that they will not damage anything else in the moving truck.

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