Disposing of Furniture

Getting rid of furniture is a natural ordeal during the moving process. Some people decide to dispose of furniture since they do not want to waste money on professional Dallas movers and waste time moving junk. Others, need to get rid of furniture if they are down-sizing. Whatever the case, Monarca Movers has the following options for disposing of your furniture.

1. Talk to your Dallas movers.
If you did your job correctly, then the Dallas moving services providers that you are using will be a professional business that is well established in the moving industry. These professional Dallas movers can therefore easily inform you of many places where your furniture will be accepted with open arms. Sometimes, the Dallas moving company will also collect furniture and donate it to church or charities. If your Dallas movers of choice do not do this, then you can also ask about their disposal services. In most cases, the movers will not mind tossing the heavy piece of furniture into the trash if you have one of the big trash cans on your property. If that is not the case, then the Dallas moving company will most likely charge you for this service.

2. Donate.
Nowadays, there are many organizations that are willing to pick up your donations from your doorstep. You simply have to call in to their center and set up a pick up date and time. While some organizations may ask that someone be there at the time of pick up in order to approve everything that is being donated, other groups may just ask you to leave everything on your front door step. For those not comfortable with having someone come to their home, thrift stores may be another option. These types of shops can usually be found around town, and they will take anything that you are willing to donate.

3. Garage Sale.
As a last resort, you can always try hosting a garage sale before your appointment with your Dallas moving services providers. Selling the furniture you no longer need will save you both time and money. When you have less furniture, it takes your Dallas movers a shorter amount of time to complete your move. The amount of time you end up saving on your move will depend on how much your get rid of how well you organize all of your remaining items. Moreover, the money made in the garage sale could then be used to cover the moving bill.

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