Maximizing Moving Truck Space

Even though it may seem like you are not moving a lot of furniture, you can easily fill up a huge moving truck by not placing items correctly or by packing to much junk. Below are a couple of tips from Monarca Movers on how to maximize the space in your moving truck.

1. Don’t pack junk.
When you are moving, it is always a good idea to sort through all of your personal belongings and get rid of things you no longer need. If you are going to pay professional Dallas moving services providers to do your packing, then you can minimize the cost of packing services by reducing the amount of things you want them to pack. For those doing their own packing, it is recommended by professional Dallas movers to get rid of junk in order to save time and money. You will definitely save time since it will take less time to pack the essentials, and you will also save money since you will need less moving supplies and the Dallas moving company will take less time to move fewer items. If you really want to see a decrease in the time and money spent on your move, however, you need to do a major downsize on the amount of stuff you will be moving.

2. Pack everything.
Sometimes people give up halfway through the packing process and leave a lot of loose items lying around. When you hire professional Dallas movers, however, they always stress the importance of packing all loose items. By putting everything into boxes, it is much easier to stack the boxes from top to bottom in the moving truck. As you are packing moving boxes, Dallas movers recommend that you pack them tight enough to maintain the cube shape of the box, but not too tight that the box is deformed from the pressure. It is important that the boxes do not have any air spaces since this will cause them to cave in when the Dallas movers begin stacking them. However, if the box is too heavy, then the Dallas moving company may refuse to move the box and ask you to empty it out and divide the contents into smaller boxes.

3. Move your own electronics.
Fragile items such as electronics or antiques require a lot of space and cushioning in order to avoid any damage. For this reason, Dallas movers typically recommend that you move these items in your car since they are safer this way. Moreover, it also saves a lot of space in the truck for bigger pieces of furniture and heavy boxes.

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