Storage and Garage Moving

When you move out of your home, it is always easy to forget about the items in your storage and in your garage since you will be so busy trying to pack everything else. In this case, items that have been subject to the elements for long periods of time will have endured some damage. Even though the garage and storage unit provide some protection, Texas humidity and an unexpected water leak could cause a lot of damage. For this reason, there are certain things you need to do before you can move items from a storage or garage.
1. Get rid of anything that has been ruined.
Water and mold damage are the greatest threats when you do not store your items in a climate controlled facility. For this reason, you will need to sort through all of your items and get rid of the ones that have been damaged. If the items are salvageable with some cleaning and maintenance, then you can set them aside for later treatment. However, items that have been damaged beyond repair will need to be disposed of. You can either recycle any items that have been damaged, but you will most likely have to throw things away since they may be full of years of rust and mold.
2. Sort through all of the boxes.
When you store stuff in your garage or storage, they will most likely be packaged into boxes. This can definitely minimize a lot of work since you do not have to pack all of these items like you do inside of your home. However, the elements will also affect the boxes since humidity and water will weaken them. If this is the case, then you will need to replace all of the boxes that are no longer able to hold their shape. Even though many of these boxes will not have any visible damage such as holes or water stains, it is still a good idea to switch them out for new and sturdy boxes. Using floppy boxes becomes a problem when your Dallas movers are trying to stack boxes in the moving truck. If the box cannot hold its shape, then it will sag around the edges so that it cannot be stacked, and the bottom may actually break open when it is picked up by a Dallas mover.
3. Make sure the area is safe.
Long term storage in a garage or storage can also lead to other hazards such as the accumulation of bugs and rodents. Even though this is not something you would like to think about, it is actually very common and could pose as a health hazard for your Dallas moving company. For this reason, many Dallas moving companies will have very specific rules when moving items out of a storage or garage. Your Dallas movers will require that there be no dust, cobwebs, or flooding. Moreover, they will also refuse to take any items with water, mold, or rust damage. You will want to make sure that all of this is cleared out before your Dallas moving services providers arrive so that they do not end up rescheduling your move if they believe you are not ready.

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